Hello world!

This is a site devoted to the development of my youngest son Max and our journey through Autism. We’re using this blog as a way to chronicle our discoveries, research, good times and bad.

It has been suggested that Max would benefit from an Autism Service Dog. These dogs are four legged miracles and we hope that bringing one into our home will help Max in many areas where he needs encouragement to grow and develop.

I will use this blog for fundraising efforts while still offering insight into our experiences with an early diagnosed child and also information on ASL, American Sign Language.

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Check out the About Max and About the Dog pages.

I will try and reply to every comment left.

Welcome to our one small piece of the world.


2 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Laura Peduto says:

    Crystal, you have a magic way with words to describe your feelings and at the same time describe all the unsaid feelings we have had all our lives. Thank you for your insights and courage. Max is a gift to you as you know. Now, it’s time to reveal what’s inside. Love and Light to you and your beautiful family. I guess you were named Crystal for a reason!

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