Product Review – Suppori baby carrier

In my quest to socialize Max without traumatizing everyone else, I have been searching for a baby carrier. I find that a lot of his outburst while we are out result in my seemingly uncanny ability to move out of his range of sight when he’s facing forward in a stroller. The only time he seems content in the cart is at the grocery store where it’s shaped like a rocket and has a steering wheel. If only all stores carried those magnificent carriages.

Even in forward facing shopping carts it seems that my being near but not being able to hug or touch me is a source of much stress. He’s an attached kid. He co-sleeps, what can I say. To be honest I would never trade his need for touch for the entire world. So many Autistic children are hyper-sensitive to it and reject physical comfort. I take my comfort in his need for me. But there are a few things I need to have on hand in order to safely lug this 27lb three year old about.

1. More strength. I’m working on that, I’m weight lifting and building up strength in my core.

2. A hands-free means to carry him. I have been baby-wearing for nearly 10 years. I’m not a stranger to the in’s and out’s of carriers but that being said, I have never carried a toddler. Once the other four kids became mobile they desired to run around, to sit in carts and to be a bit more independent. So while I know all about wearing babies, toddler wearing is new water.

After much research I found the Suppori baby carrier on Amazon. I wanted something that wouldn’t get hot, my experience with ring slings taught me that. I wanted something that would be easy to throw in a bag, was fun, distributed his weight and wasn’t a hassle to put on (thank wrap type carriers for that). It has good reviews, won an award last year for design, looks light weight and easy to take on/off with little fuss. I ordered it based on my size and patiently waited for it to get here.

Photo via

Max loved it as soon as I put it on and while I haven’t  worn him since he was an infant, understood immediately what it was for and wanted in, now! As soon as he got in I knew it wasn’t going to work out. Wearing only a diaper, I could see where the edges cut deeply into his legs and back. I took him out with a sigh. I’d have to return it and continue my search.

A few days later, I took just Max out to do a return at Walmart. I thought to myself “Let’s give it another try, maybe with clothes on it won’t be so bad.” We walked in, returned our thing without waiting in line, did a quick walk through the baby section pricing sippy cups and left without purchasing anything. All in all, I’d say it was about a 12-15 minute trip. The whole time I was adjusting him in it, worrying over the places I could tell the edge cut into him, trying to maneuver him to a more comfortable position to see if it eased at all.

When we got back to the car, I checked out his legs and was upset over what I found.

Maxy's leg after being carried

Only 15 minutes and he got huge red marks on the backs of both legs and around his back. Now, I realize this says “baby” carrier but some of the kids in the photos don’t look that much smaller than Max. There also is NO information about recommended size of the child carried. The way this is made, I cannot see how this wouldn’t occur with children of any size, the sling stretches so the weight of the child will always be pulling down. In some photos the children’s legs are raised but I still can’t see how that wouldn’t cut into the backs of their legs.

I did like the lightness, the weight wasn’t terrible to carry on my opposite shoulder but even after 15 minutes I still felt discomfort. As much as I wanted to like it I just couldn’t, so it went back yesterday and I splurged with some holiday money I was gifted and ordered a Boba. As soon as that comes in I’ll have a review up too.

Now on to the next thing, a stroller big enough to hold a 3+ year old that won’t break the bank.



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