Product Review – Boba Classic Baby Carrier

I literally cringed over the price tag of this carrier. Four NT kids and Max’s infancy and I have never spent this much on a carrying device. But with that last sling I knew I needed something. Max loved being close. So, the Boba Carrier got ordered. This one has child size recommendations, up to 45lbs, which gives me another 18lbs for Max to grow.

At first he was like “what? I climb on your back? seriously?” but with facial expressions, not words. I swear his facial expressions are so, well…expressive, half the time he doesn’t even need to speak. As soon as I stood up though, he figured out riding on mommy’s back was a Very Good Thing.

The first time I used it I just took him on a little trip outside, probably less than 5 minutes. I just wanted to see how it worked and felt before deciding if I wanted to take it on a longer run.


That was Saturday. Today (Tuesday) we were having a “fragile day” so I pulled out the carrier and strapped him on my back. Instantly, he quieted and I was able to walk around the house, even sit at the computer and fold laundry with him happily secure with me. I wore him for about an hour.

I’m still building up my core strength so I had started getting tired. Max freaked out as soon as I took it off (but c’mon I HAD to go to the bathroom!) but after he calmed down went on to have hours of really fantastic time. He eased through transitions, took a bath without fuss which he’s been really rejecting lately, ate and even became more verbal. It was truly a miraculous thing

His legs did get little marks if they dangled for too long but we’re talking half an hour here, not less than 15 minutes. This comes with feet stirrups that I haven’t put on yet so he can put his feet up and take the weight off the backs of his thighs. I need to put them on. There are four adjustment places; the chest, the waist and under each arm so I can make these areas as loose or tight as I need to relatively easily.

The miraculous inner workings of my house.

He’s not so heavy right now that I can’t get up and down without assistance¬† but I can see that being a problem for some. I also had to make sure I kept my abs tight and my core stable or I’d start hunching forward which after another hour session in the evening really took a toll on my shoulders. Getting on the back was easy, IF he’s compliant (which he was because he loved it) the front really needed another set of hands to clasp the chest buckled shut. I could release it but not maneuver my arms behind me to clasp it. And the buckles are HARD to clasp which is good because they won’t accidentally become unclasped but you do need a little arm strength to get them together.

For long term, all day wear, I can’t say toting a 27lb 3 year old is going to work but for short periods of time scattered throughout the day this is definitely going to make my life easier. I liked the back wearing better than the front though we tried that out too. On the back he can lean back better which gives him great space to play on my iPhone or drive cars on my back.

Overall we give this carrier four puzzle pieces out of five for comfort, ease of use, the pretty pattern and safety.


2 comments on “Product Review – Boba Classic Baby Carrier

  1. And I forgot to add that it also has a small pocket on the waist support under baby’s bum which you could slip a credit card/cash into if you needed and a pull out hood/sunshade that snaps on the shoulder straps. We did try out the foot rests and they worked good. My initial fear of him using them to stand up on was tested and basically if too much weight is put on the foot rests they simply unsnap themselves from the carrier.

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