That’s my kid.

I leave the house with Max worried about how the outing will go. Every outing, every time has the possibility of disaster. And not just from the odd looks or remarks we might get, the trouble handling him when he just doesn’t want to or when he gets overwhelmed but for his actual safety.

Max likes to Bolt.

One second he’s right there and the next he’s taking a trip on an elevator, careening around an unknown corner or dashing toward a busy street. He has what is referred to as an “age inappropriate fear response”. He doesn’t “get” danger and when the need to run overcomes him he overcomes us. So far, we’ve been lucky. The neighbor 20 acres over didn’t call the police when he found a diaper clad baby strolling down the dirt road, he just brought him back. He just followed the sound of my screaming and put 2 and 2 together.

But what if we’re out of the house? What if there are no understanding neighbors around? What if Max is with his dad or grandma or the speech therapist? How will authorities understand that Max belongs to a certain person if he doesn’t look at them when they say his name? He doesn’t respond to their presence?A policeman might not hand him over if Max isn’t responsive. A concerned citizen might call the police if Max doesn’t act like he recognizes us. There are a lot of spooky people out there. He’s too young for a wallet, a laminated card is easy to loose and ID bracelet or necklace isn’t going to work for his senses. So, what to do?

The answer came during Black Friday. Jennifer’s Jewels (of which I’ve purchased from before and also has not paid me to advertise for) had a sale and I scooped it up. I think it was my only Black Friday purchase to be honest. I got fantastic customer service and 100% exactly what I wanted. Now, all Max’s caregivers will be told about these labels when Max is out of the house so that if he does get separated we have a surefire way to identify him without excess stress or frustration.

Her labels aren't fuzzy, that's me attempting privacy.

Sewn into the inside bottom of the shirt.

Outside of the shirt, you can barely see the stitching.

Inside the bottom leg of the pants.

Outside of the pants.

I don’t know how well these are going to work. Or even if we’ll ever need to use them but the fact that they are there gives me at least a crumb of comfort. And at this point a crumb feels like a full meal.