iPad Fundraising

Max has been working with his speech therapist using an iPad loaded with Proloquo2go software. With his affinity for electronics it has been wildly successful in opening him up to alternative communication. This doesn’t mean that we are not also working to expand his verbal vocabulary or his signing. It does help eliminate his frustration and tantrums when he can effectively communicate his desires thus giving us more positive time to work everything else.

As you can imagine, the iPad and software are not cheap. We partnered with The Puzzling Piece who is generous enough to have a fundraiser specifically for iPads to help us get Max the products he needs to thrive and develop. They also have an Autistic son named Max!

Every purchase made through The Puzzling Piece with “Max Cipriani” attached to the order in the challenger’s name box, goes toward our goal of 60 pieces we need to sell. Once we reach 60 pieces, The Puzzling Piece will send Max his very own iPad! For every 12 pieces sold over that they will send us a $100 gift card to iTunes to go toward the communication software and other apps that will help Max.

Qualifying pieces

Click on any of the pieces above to be taken directly to The Puzzling Piece’s order page.

We have had people inquiring about how they can help in other ways, if you aren’t interested in purchasing a product but would like to help Max we have set up a special paypal account for him. The money will go toward his iPad and software. Communicating with Max, knowing what he is feeling, if he is hungry or thirsty, which toy or movie he would like to watch is so vital in his growth and development. Any support is greatly appreciated. We know times are hard for many of us and if you are unable to contribute we understand! Please support us by passing on our information to your family and friends. Together we can make a difference in the lives of children everywhere.

Please send donations through Paypal.com  to OneSmallPieceBlog@gmail.com


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